Over the course of the last year I have been working on painting urban landscapes. I live in Hong Kong, so there was a theme of enclosed spaces running through my work which gradually changed into “the great wide open”, meaning big fat vistas. One of those where I would gasp when I first saw it.

Sometimes Hong Kong stresses me a little when my energy levels are down. So I set out to find urban spaces for uplifting views. I often found them when I moved to the highest positions I could find in the area. Yes, that sometimes was a graveyard, but there is room to breathe as the graveyards would normally be on hillsides.

Seen from high above, this mega city becomes more palpable. You can even connect with the organic topography again which you would find difficult with some 50-storey buildings blocking your view.

Looking down on the bustling city I felt touched by all this ant-like life. To get in touch with a place we all have to start somewhere. And I started here.