Short bio

I am currently working on gathering all the little bricks I need to become what I could be. I don’t know what that is, but I am hopeful. Mostly.

After spending more than 10 years in Asia (Singapore and Hong Kong) I returned to my native Germany in 2014.

to date .…. working

2013 ….. Master of Visual Arts in Hong Kong


Upcoming in 2019: 



  • OZ Kunstbörse, Rostock (Germany)
  • Kunstlandschaft #7, Mestlin: “Landschaft” (landscape), group exhibition


  • Kunstlandschaft #6, Mestlin: “Verschwendung”, > 15 artists,


  • Kunstbörse 2015 at Wiligrad Castle, near Schwerin (Germany)
  • OZ Kunstbörse, Rostock (Germany)
  • PMR location at Stadthafen Rostock (Germany) – artists: Nora Arrieta, Franziska Hesse, Krys Robertson


  • Intimate —- Distant (4 Hong Kong artists), Koo Ming Kown Exhibition Gallery (Hong Kong)
  • Pointing to the Moon. Masters of Visual Art Graduation Show; Hong Kong Baptist University (Hong Kong)