Short bio

Freshly back in Germany after more than 10 years in Asia (Singapore and Hong Kong) I am currently working on gathering all the little bricks I need to become what I could be. I don’t know what that is, but I am hopeful. Mostly.

Education: Master of Economics from a pretty free-thinking small German University that romantically wanted to turn us all into well-rounded new Renaissance men and women. In my case it succeeded in teaching me to think and somewhat encouraged me to abandon free style economics (there probably is no such thing) for art. Subsequently I studied for a Master of Visual Arts in Hong Kong.


upcoming: 2017/06 Kunstlandschaft #7, Mestlin: “Landschaft” (landscape), group exhibition …. more info to come

2016/06 Kunstlandschaft #6, Mestlin: “Verschwendung”, more than 15 artists exhibited works under the topic “waste”

2015/11 Kunstbörse 2015 at Wiligrad Castle, near Schwerin (Germany) – 14 November 2015 – mid January 2016

2015/11 OZ Kunstbörse (Ostseezeitung), Rostock (Germany)

2015/10 Exhibition of 3 artists at PMR at Stadthafen Rostock (Germany) – opening 14 October 2015
artists: Nora Arrieta, Franziska Hesse, Krys Robertson

2013        Intimate —- Distant (A joint exhibition of 4 Hong Kong artists), Koo Ming Kown Exhibition Gallery, Hong Kong Baptist University

2013        Pointing to the Moon. Masters of Visual Art Graduation Show; Academy of Visual Arts (Hong Kong Baptist University), Hong Kong