Commissions are an intimate and exciting matter. I accept commissions for portraits, landscapes and still life paintings in oil on canvas or on gesso paper. I usually prepare the grounds in traditional half chalk ground (Halbkreidegrund) on linen according to the preferred size.


For a portrait I would normally start sketching directly on the final canvas, but I also make quick oil sketches during the sittings. An hour is minimum per sitting, and a couple of sittings should be planned in. After the sitting I tend to keep on working on the painting without the model to make it a better painting (composition, colour etc). The likeness to the model often diminishes as the quality of the painting increases during this process. You get the idea if you look at the painting of the young girl above, which is obviously not a photorealistic rendering of this lovely model, but an exaggerated version of what I saw. The point is – if it is a better painting and she is still the inspiration, it is worth a try.


If you are the type who wants an accurate likeness in a portrait I can fully recommend you to my artist friend Allison Plastridge who works and lives in Hong Kong.


If you would like to discuss something with me, please drop me an email at hello (at)